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The Victorian Four Wheel Drive Club Inc (VFWDC) was formed in 1974 with the aim of bringing together people with a common interest in four wheel driving, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors.
Over the years we have continued with this philosophy and became known as the "family club".

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As a family oriented Club, our main focus is on regular camping and outdoor activities to experience the best Australia has to offer. All trips are conducted in the Tread Lightly principal to ensure our environment is protected and here to enjoy for ours and future generations.
In addition to this Victorian Four Wheel Drive Club also participates in a number of yearly community activities and a variety of social events. The advantage of a club like Victorian Four Wheel Drive Club is that you become part of a group where people recognise who you are and you are not just another number.

A variety of four wheel driving trips are conducted each month to cater for all drivers, vehicles and level of experience. These trips range in varying degrees of difficulty, but the majority cater for easy to medium touring with the occasional harder trip for more experienced members. Due to family involvement a high number of trips are suitable for off road trailers making it comfortable for all concerned.